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1. 1 The PRP is a people-oriented mass party, which welcomes all Nigerian citizens, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, and creed, who share the Core Values and orientation of the party. Accordingly, it shall be a democratic party “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

1. 2 The PRP will not be left in the hands of visionless, elitist, and grasping party bureaucrats; or at the mercy of charismatic and rich individuals who do not subscribe, in deeds and in action, to the Core values and fundamental orientation of the party, who instead are merely jumping in and out of parties in temporary alliances to seek for and share power.

1. 3 The PRP shall, additionally, be a party which exercises leadership and has supremacy, over any and all its elected officials, whom it shall hold accountable for their personal and official actions and conduct. It shall be a party in which its party leaders and elected officials shall lead by example, of exemplary personal and official conduct.

1. 4 The PRP shall not merely compete and bid for power through elections, but it shall also comply with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all electoral laws, and when elected, shall translate electoral victory into good governance for the satisfaction of the needs and aspirations of the citizens, especially the poor, the hitherto disadvantaged and the marginalized Nigerians.

1. 5 The PRP shall be a party, which shall play politics differently from the unwholesome way it has so far been played by other parties and their candidates in Nigeria. It shall not play politics of acrimony, duplicity, profligacy, irresponsibility, criminality, and ethno-religious or regional divisiveness. Rather, it shall focus upon selfless service, lawful and responsible conduct, responsiveness to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged, judicious harnessing and utilization of national resources and good, democratic governance.

1. 6 The PRP shall be a party with a visionary national mission, with adequate and appropriate national representation and participation in all its structures, activities and operations. It shall be a party that combines vision, competence and ability with integrity to drive the transformation of Nigeria from its present unwholesome situation into a country that effectively harnesses and deploys its immense human and material resources to address its acute socio-economic, political and security challenges.

1. 7 The PRP shall be a party that lawfully sources for finances to run its affairs, using transparent and diversified sources of funding, and that transparently utilizes and account for its finances in running all its activities.

1. 8 The PRP shall be a party that brings together all patriotic and decent Nigerians who want to play politics with decency in order to uplift Nigeria from the group of countries characterized by prebendal politics and underdevelopment, into the group of countries in the comity of nations characterized by purposeful democratic development, which is beneficial to the overwhelming majority of its citizens.

1. 9 The PRP shall be a party that shall actively cooperate with other stakeholders in Africa to protect and defend the independence of Africa and the sustainable development of its political economy.

1. 10 The PRP shall be a radical transformative people-oriented social democratic party.